Our Philosophy

  • Contributing to the society
  • Embracing the Challenges to find the solutions
  • Building a common purpose among the employees to achieve the goals

<Gikendeshi Co,. Ltd had commemorated the 55th Foundation Anniversary on March 2020. >
 First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers and partners for their great support during this period, and we are honored to be able to have established a long-term partnership with them. Wishing to be loved by our clients and partners for a long time, we will continue to strive for the harmony between the society and people in our next 60th and 100th Foundation Anniversaries.

 Today, we live in an age of global change. Change signifies more than competition. In other words, it is now required for us to show you a spirit of “Challenges” or act of “Thinking creatively”, instead of thinking in the conventional way by constantly challenging the status quo.

 Since 1965 of our foundation, Gikendenshi has been guided by 3 management principles. Moreover, we have adopted the following 3 principles as for the purpose of our work.

Purpose of Our Work

  1. For the benefit of our customers
  2. For the prosperity of the company
  3. For the happiness of the employees and their families

 I believe that if all employees make efforts with the above in mind, we will be able to get to the goals of our philosophy.

 As an affiliate of NEC, which is a global company in the solution business, we provide ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and contribute to its operation, the maintenance of social information and communication infrastructure.

 On the other hand, we have also gained the support of NTT DoCoMo and have been operating several DoCoMo shops as secondary shops for MX Mobiling Co. Due to the these business attachments, we gained some credibilities for both social and technological arenas.

 We will continue to strive to be a better company that is trusted and loved by others, aiming to improve our social and human qualities, also to achieve high economic efficiency. If we can contribute to our customers and society by doing so, we will not only achieve the “Purpose of Our Work,” but also give confidence and joy to each and every one of our employees.

 I greatly appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Ken Takagi,
Chairman of the board & CEO